New Music: D.Julien - "One Can Win"

Keeping in with tonight's theme of oversaturation in the rap/blog game, D.Julien is a perfect example of how someone can easily fall through the cracks of rap. How someone nice can be drowned out by all of the crap that populates the internet blog game.

Jeez it is like I have some type of agenda or something. Download and review inside.

D.Julien is dope. I will cosign this dude right now as one of the people that broke him to Drea and I's 400 supporters. Now before we can sit here and discuss this eminent threat to the game that he is, we must critique his song; correct?

The beat is something that I have heard many-a-time before. Something that is getting clearly old and used. Like the High School slut...after she graduates college. Now; with this in mind, the beat automatically took off a point for me in the originality range, but, the flow, the way it was delivered, and my slight liking to D.Julien no fucking homo ESSO, gave it points in the other categories.

Download it. You might like it.