New Music: Termanology "Tight Pants are for girls"

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...Jacques is NOT gonna like this song hahaha

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My My My.. where do I start?

Well first off I am TIRED of hearing hip hop died when Biggie and TuPac died... seriously shut the hell up, it did not; granted it isn't the exact same but still, Jay-Z, Nas, Common etc STILL EXIST.

Next point: Is EVERYONE supposed to be in huge baggy jeans, hoodies, and tims? Looking like clones of the fubu logo and no one being able to distinguish between who is who? The
90's are OVER.

Personally the dudes with the tight pants aren't my type, but I do not see a HUGE problem with someone expressing themselves through their wardbrode. That was the basis of hip hop! Self expression! Not to impose a dress code for every rapper. As long as you come with good music, I can care less how you dress.

One reason I love hip hop is because of the oppurtunity rappers have to be different, to have different flows, different lyrical content and styles. That isn't the case for most musical genres.

Tight pants is not what's killing hip hop, its the fans that support "artists" like Soulja Boy instead of artists like Lupe.

And that's that.

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Rajbir D said...

Haha, I'd have to agree with the song... I can't rock tight pants.

And about Souljah Boy...
"Eat a dick Souljah Boy" -Ice T