Review: Theophilus London "The Charming Mixtape"

Inside I review this debut mixtape from Theophilus London.

Want a preview?

I do not know if he is a rapper or a singer.

Here we go!

Coming into the mixtape, I had no idea who Theophilus was. Coming out of Mickey's camp, GFC, he seems to be heavily fronted by Mr Factz himself. Because of this, I was able to go into the tape with an ear for good music; something I am accustomed too when entertaining these drums with Mr Factz's music. I was not to enthused 55 minutes later.

The tape itself is something that leaves more to be desired; it seemed as more of a beat showcase rather than actual rapping. Although there was much, it was not as much as I expected. I am a very pure rap listener. I expect three verses and two hooks; three if willing. Not long audio discourses of music that seem to make little no sense at all in regards to the music. "Computer Love" itself was more of an intense rave-esk party song. In the party atmosphere this would work, however, normally it falls flat. Continuing on this path, the next few songs including a standout songs "The Drug" and "Late Night Operation".

This was not even...rap. To be honest, I was thrown into the same boat that Kid Cudi puts me in...and then sinks me. I have no idea what I am listening too...rapping or singing...or just raving. I enjoyed the beats though. The tape itself failed to stimulate the ear with something different...that was good. This sure was different. Believe me. This new age rap that is coming out is different. However, it was not something that I could really feel; something I could rock too.

The whole tape gets skipped when it comes up on the Zune. In shuffle, "Cold Pillow" and "Computer Love" will not get skipped, however, the rest will.


Anonymous said...

hahahah no one reads your blog, give it up, its a waste of words!!!

Jacques Morel said...

Sorry if you are so damn arrogant Theophilus that you could not even POST with your original name.

Kick rocks ass.