When You Hit: Lauren London

If you read this blog on a regular basis you know about Jacques' "Would You Hit?" posts where he takes women from everywhere and poses the simple question "Would You Hit?". So i thought about it and came up with "When You Hit". Basically I suggest the song to play "When You Hit" various types of women.

Today "When You Hit" a girl like Lauren London you play....

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"Fuck You Tonight" Biggie ft R.Kelly

I remember when i first heard this song, I was in the car with my dad and it comes on the radio(the edited version "loving you tonight") my dad goes "You know there is a version of this song that says 'I'm Fucking You Tonight'? your uncle played it the other day, I was laughing" *silence*... Top 5 weirdest\awkwardest moments of my life.

In any case, this is the song you play when you hit a girl like Lauren London.
She's gorgeous but she has that innocent face. So she is the type of chick you wine and dine, take home to mama, show off to your boys and become "that nigga" for a little while. But at the same time you KNOW shes a freak. No one flexes dimples like that without having some freak in them.

This song is perfect.

It has a beat thats easy to freak to, and Biggie puts a dirty-Brooklyn-bad-boy edge on it.

"No love making, simply back breaking"

See what I mean?

Bring out the nasty girl in a chick like Lauren London with this song.. it isnt all "Face down ass up" raunchy-ness. But it will set the mood for a much needed break from candles and rose petals sex.

Thank me later.


Rajbir D said...

She's hot, yeah I'd hit her...

This post reminds me of these lyrics though...

"I'm not the type to take Lauren to London, Lauren be lucky if I take her to lunch mayne"

Dunny said...

Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes!