Would You Hit?:Megan Fox...at Thanksgiving Dinner?

I was not one for the hype that was called "Megan Fox". I saw that trash movie Transformers and I was failed to even be convinced that this girl was running around with robots 3x her size.

I also failed to believe that a dude like Shia Leboeuf can hook up with her...and I cannot.

But, I have to say one thing though. Something has to be wrong with a girl that is way to perfect...I mean...shoot. She has to have bad breath or she does not shave or something. Something HAS to be wrong.

Hit the hop to see pictures of her paying Guitar Hero.

The most hilarious part about this is...her brother has no idea that I many people cuff it to his sister on a nightly basis. I mean...Drea got used to it.


Rajbir D said...

Megan Fox, yeah, definitely. Don't know anyone that wouldn't.

Ed said...

Megan Fox can have all my children. In my dreams! =/