Def Poetry: Beau Sia "Love" & Poetri" Dating myself"

Ok, so yall know its Valentine's Day (gag), yeah I'm hating.
But I thought these poems would help get yall through the day if you aren't going to be swept off your feet today. Words heal my soul, so in times like this I turn to Def Poetry. The poem above, "Love" is not what you expect. Promise.

"I just want to be in the arms of my true love in a wonderful perfect world with our two children, Helga and Lamar. Cause love has got me fucked up and dying,and i feel retarded without someone to hold me and maybe that's sentimental but whats wrong with sentimental? all I'm sayin is someone, love me"

I brought up the notion of dating myself on twitter, everyone thought I was crazy. Well I got the idea from this poem. I love Poetri. Check it out.

"...Lie to myself cause I hate to hurt myself's feelings"

Enjoy your day readers!

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llate said...

dating yourself is not a new theory or requests.. people were just bugging. my next blog entry is going to be on the topic (the current one i have up is leading to that)