Drea's Def Poetry Monday's: Black Ice "The Ugly Show"

So I'm in class. Still sick with the flu... such is life.
But like I said every Monday I will bring yall a video from the Def Poetry archives.
This week it's Black Ice's masterpiece "The Ugly Show".
I chose this video because of the ugliness going on in hip hop right now. When the focus is being taken off of the music 100% and now its "deeper then rap". We got "hip hop artists" argung over lambos and grown men bickering back and forth name calling and crossing the line.

Instead of focusing our attention on upcomming talent and the little bit of listenable music being put out right now we (hip hop heads, bloggers, bystanders)are being sucked into the drama like highschool kids.

Not to say hip hop beef isn't entertaining, battles like Jay-Z and Nas (name favorite old school battle here ________)had people waiting by the radio for the new diss record. But you didn't see Jay-Z in a wig on a video, or making cartoons about Nas.

Yall are grown men?

Hip hop, its time to grow up.