Drea's Def Poetry Monday's: George Watsky "V for Virgin"

So it's about that time again... Monday !

I absolutely hate Monday's readers, I do.
But this poem always makes me laugh, ALWAYS.
I miss this innocence in my life, when things weren't always about sex and all that nonsense *sighs*
I'm in class so I can't go in depth with the analysis, but I will say as an aspiring poet I look up to George Watsky. Listening to some of his other work, I was astounded by his creativity, honesty and delivery, something to study for sure.

"I can't rock your world but damn can I cuddle. Girl I wanna lay you down by the fire with a bowl of popcorn and watch Fresh Prince re-runs"

ahaha Bawse.


llate said...

is there a current season on now? i need to go dvr that now...

i like how it comes on highlighting someone now

Drea said...

no not a current season. They cancelled the show. All the seasons are on DVD though. It's really sad, I hope they bring it back so I can perform !! lol

llate said...

no they didnt cancel the show!.. it was one of my goals to perform on def poetry... damn....

yeah i got seasons 1-4 over here though...well not really somebody stole em, which reminds me

Mikey McFly™ said...

Without words where would we be