Drea's Def Poetry Monday's: "My Best Friend (Hip Hop)"

In case you missed last Monday, I am going to post a Def Poetry video to help start out your week right.

This week it's Scriyl & Riva "My best friend (Hip Hop)"

more inside yall

More Information at the hop!

I have listened to this poem about a hundred times. It's near and dear to me.

"God's lying see hip hop is dying inside"

Scrilya has a nice flow on this poem, everything he did was perfect.

The hip hop I think they are talking about is old school hip hop
"Grand Master Flash, The Furious 5"
It's dead. R.I.P.

I used to think all of hip hop was dying a slow death, especially when soulja boy was gettin shine and the dirrty south rap was gettin more play then east coast rap.

But as I did more research I came across New York's underground rap scene (thanks in large part to this blog) and I am more then pleased. There is hope for Hip Hop.

The hope lies within the real hip hop fans, to support legitamate artists.

I'm not gonna talk this subject to death though... like beating a dead horse.

"Him and Pac in that low ride bumpin Big L watchin Ray Charles chillin with some Gold Eyes"