Drea's Def Poetry Mondays: Shannon Matesky "MySpace"

Ok i COMPLETELY forgot that yesterday was Drea's Def Poetry Monday's... the holiday threw me off, I was doing big things yesterday and my brain was all over the place. But you don't care.
Better late then never. like a girls period, ew
With all this technology I'm being forced to learn due to new ventures I've committed to I am overwhelmed, to say the least. Jacques constantly teases me about it. Whatever.
Aside from that there is MySpace, Facebook, and now the latest and most addictive, Twitter. (Follow me on it by the way). And people are becoming less comfortable with dealing with people face to face, and our kids are being raised with technology, so does that mean they are gonna be little obese shut ins who sit at their computer all day and live life through avatars and social networking sites? *chills* Hope not.
"We can't deal with the face to face so we let technology replace the space that people are supposed to fill"