Interview: Hip Hop Official Sits with Wale

Today we have a pretty dope interview with D.C. native Wale. We got a chance follow Wale around the night he performed at the Key Club in Hollywood. This is on some behind the scenes, exclusive access type stuff…..It was so dope that we turned it into a 2 part interview. Here’s the first part, as we ride with him from sound check at the venue to an in-store appearance at HUF skateshop on Fairfax for the release of his new t-shirt. He talks about his love for LA and gives some insight on his upcoming album. We also learn that real gangsters roll Priuses*.

I am not a fan of Wale, but I figured that we had some fans that were. Jacques only tries to please...not anger. I do not know why, but, Wale's raps are just not nice for me. I just dislike them. However I LOVE that Daniel Merriweather song..."Pot of Gold"?

Yea that is my JAM.

Check for it at the hop.