Interview: Tha Bizness sits down with JacquesMorel.com

So the rap game is populated with subpar producer groups and subpar rappers. The interesting thing though, is how some rappers manage to strive and go ahead of the curve constantly coming out with tracks that are changing the game. Tha Bizness, comprised of Dow Jones and Henn, continually strive to become greater and to rep the West Coast.

This is a great interview. Check it out and hit read more for some videos and what not.

Thanks Henn Dow Jones

1.Hey ! Thanks for taking part in this interview. What do you do exactly? As in, what makes you unique to rap?

Dow Jones: We are unique to music and not just to rap we have done song deals to produce for 50 cent, R Kelly, Black Eyed Peas, T Pain & now Lil Wayne... we produce and manage ourselves we also have our artist Mistah Fab who
wrote the whole Snoop Dogg "Life Of The Party" song and we have a label deal with Mistah Fab on Atlantic Records and his debut album will be out later this year.
2.You produced for Lil Wayne, although we (Jacques and I) are not fans of him. how was it working with him?

Henny: LIl Wanye has a lot more to him than people think. He is a person who holds himself up and positions himself among the greats. He has always treated us with mutual respect, and not too many people we have dealt with on
his level has done that. Its been good working with dude.

3.There isn't a big time female producer out there in hip-hop like a Kanye or Timbaland, why do you think that is?

Henny: I think it is possible for anybody to do anything in this world. Even though we operate in a very male controlled industry, I think a female could focus and be just as dope if not doper than many of these other producers in the
game if she were to focus hard enough and believe she could.

4.Would a prominent female producer threaten men, or do you think men would embrace her in the hip-hop game?

Dow Jones: Music is music and there have been female producers like coco channel and others that have been successful and made great tracks!

5.What motivates you? What gets you up in the morning and keeps you going?

Henny: The love of music wil always motivate me. The industry we are in keeps get ing crazier, but staying focused on the love of music wil keep us going day to day, year to year.

6 We all have come across obstacles that could deter success, but have you hit any roadbumps that could have stopped your progress?

Henny: We have hit many... From being totatlly robbed of all our work and equipment, to A&R's not giving us the time of day because we would sign deals underneath them, to being trapped in ugly production and management
contracts, we have seen a whole lot getting to where we are today.

7.Do you rap also? What projects have you done recently?

Dow Jones: What are you talking about??? I think u must have gotten us confused with Kanye or Timbaland Or Dj Quik... We are Tha Bizness we dont rap at least not yet!!!!!

8.What is your best achievement to date?

Henny: Being able to compete with any producers in the game without having to be under any one camp or crew!

9.What are the big plans for 2009?

Dow Jones: Finishing up Lil Waynes Young Money & Carter 4 albums & working with him and T Pain On T Wayne and also his upcoming Solo Album and see the success of our artist Mistah Fab's debut album as wel as giving the homie Drake some great material for his debut album.... Everyday is a big day and each day we strive to take everything to the next level so 2009 is still young the sky is the limit. We are trying to be on EVERY major album that is
gonna come out from rap to pop to rnb to whateva we just wanna create the new soundtrack to your life!!

10.What do you guys bring to the table that can change the monotony in Hip Hop now-a-days?

Henny: We are bringing the combination of true musicianship with true leadership back to the game. So many other hip hop producers can only do one or the other

11.What do you guys think of blogs influence in Hip Hop?

Henny: Blogs have made hip hop so disposable since its so easy to blast a new record, mixtape, song to everyone so easily. I think its good because it makes artists have to step there game up when it comes to making records that
will stick around for more than a day. Bloggers are like the new age A&R's. I think its a good thing.

12.Rep where your from !

Dow Jones: Seat le, LA, The Bay, San Diego, Portland We Rep For The West Coast & No mat er where we go we carry this west coast flag!!!

13.What is the endgame? As in, 5 years from now. where wil you be?

Dow Jones: We look at life in 3 months windows so call us back in 5 yrs and well see where we are at... skys the limit and we got a lot of things up our sleeves so only time will tell!!