Its The Real: Letters To Cam

Letters To Cam from jeff on Vimeo.

Last night Drea and I were talking to Jeff (Eric was talking business) and Jeff promised me that this was their funniest video ever.

He seemed really jumpy about it. I mean he is normally really jumpy, however, last night was an extra kind of jumpy. A Harlem kind of Jumpy.

So needless to say I was excited for the video. I will not lie. And I will say, being the hater I am, I was not disapointed. A few tags from the video...

THis bitch aint from Harlem...I have not been gone that long.

Whats 16 Homo...minus 16 Homo?

No homo?

*Edit* I twitted that question and here are some of the answers I got...haha.(I accidentally wrote 26 homo minus 16 homo.
Meezyy @JacquesMorels nah man, you're still left with 10 homo. you gotta then divide by 10 homo and subtract 1. No Homo.
J7isthe818 @JacquesMorels actually isn't that 10 homo?

Stay away from the Bloods *takes off hat*

That made me LoL. (Why are all these names Lol?!?)

Check it out. Its worth it.