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OK readers, haters and all yall in between, if you haven't already noticed by now, this blog is not your typical Hip Hop Blog. Jacques started this with written rants on facebook and then video rants. Then he dove into the world of hip hop blogging. After many months and much success with this blog I came on to write for it. So a male and female hip hop blogging combination. Where do you see that? Thought so.
So we are bringing a little something extra to the table now. Instead of just writing out a review of a mixtape, we will review it on camera as well. This is the first attempt at it and it's rough, but its coming along. We have gotten some great feedback and some not so great feedback on it already. Tell us what you think in the comments.
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October's Very Own Drizzy Drake "So far Gone" (perfect title)

Drake is known for his quotable lines so along with the review I'll hit yall with what I think is the most quotable line in each song.

"Lust for life"
This song goes into my soundtrack for life. It puts me in a trance and it allows you to get into Drake's head. He is all about reaching the top, and he has a very real chance of getting there. Good luck Drizzy.
Most quotable line "It's funny when you commmin in first but you hope that you last"

People tried to fault Drake for the singing on the album but you can't help but get lost in the song. In this song Drake goes into the "live fast die pretty" lifestyles some females have, so far gone for real. The song is beautiful.
Most quotable line: "She live in a mindset that I could never move to, until you find yourself it will be impossible to lose you"

All these beats Drake had in the beginning invite you into a far out place. Successful was a success. Trey Songz and him do sound similar, but they work well on a song together, no doubt. They first teamed up on "Replacement Girl". The hook is OD catchy, found myself singing it like crazy after I first heard it. Drake has a knack for incorporating superficial things and deep personal parts of his life (i.e. the part about crying with his mother.) It was dope how the beat dropped and came back with Wayne, I didn't hate his part on here.
Most quotable line: "My delivery just got me buzzin like the pizzaman"

"Let's Call it off"
Couldn't get through this song at all. Turned it off midway through. NEXT.

"November 18th"
Wooooo. I fuck with this song. That chopped and screwed vibe is damn sexy. Drake's flow is laidback but lacking nothing. One of the highlights of the song came when he explained how he feels while in Houston, gave me a vivid picture, that's some imagery I could get with. I love how Drake can go from rapping to singing in one breath, some people don't love that so much though. whatever.
Most Quotable Line: "Pussy's only pussy and I get it when I need it"

"Ignant Shit"
Aight well yall know Hov destroyed this song on his album. I wasn't surprised Drizzy picked it up, considering Jay is his idol. I didn't love Wayne on it. surprise, surprise.
Most Quotable line: "I think better when I am not sober"

"Night Off"
I love this song for reasons which I cannot disclose. Lloyd and Drizzy? Never would have put them two together but you know what? It works. Some men were put off by a man duet, but I appreciated it, you don't see that much anymore. Two singers whether male or female together on a track. It's sad, there should be more of it.
Most Quotable line "Turn the lights off but keep your heels on"

"Say what's real"
Ok. We have all heard this song a long time ago. Shit is TOUGH. Great song, so perfect for everything he was saying, Kanye did his thing on the production. Bravo.
Most Quotable line: "Cause I just seen my ex girl, standing with my next girl, standing with the girl I'm fucking right now."

"Little Bit"
You really got to see the softer side of Drake on this album, and I think that's why some of the fellas don't like it. But what yall need to understand is Drake is a glamour rapper, he doesn't bust guns, sell drugs or run hoes. He is a fantastic writer and he is also creative so take the music he puts out for what it is, he's doing his thing. Lykke Li made a fan out of me with her performance on this song, she was the perfect compliment to his voice. The concept made so much sense. Say your in love and shit falls apart... smh don't I know that.
Most quotable line: "You can teach me many things but I'm scared to learn a lesson"

"Best I ever Had"
It's a feel good song. You fellas know you have a heart, and there's always that one girl that you put on a pedestal cause you feel like she's so fly in every way. Guys always say they don't like makeup on a girl, the simpler the better, one day girls will embrace that idea. I get the whole "if she looks good in some sweats she will look good at any time" concept.
Most Quotable line "When my album drop bitches will buy it for the picture and niggas will buy it too and claim they got it for they sister"

Dope song until Santo Gold opened her mouth, then it was ok... then Weezy opened his mouth and it was all over ...ugh Drake why !!
Most Quotable line: "Aint on the fence about it,I aint Mr.Feeny"

Got that West Coast vibe to it. If you like West Coast your gonna like this, especially because of Bun B. I didn't care for it much, dope hook though.
I'm so New York baby.
Most quotable line: "I just dropped two black cards I call them Malcolm X and Martin Luther"

"Sooner then Later"
Been rocking to this song for a while. I love every bit of it. Say what you want. Every girl wants that one guy to open his eyes and come back for her.
Most quotable line: "What good is all the cash if it doesn't buy time and what good is being famous, if I'm never on your mind?"

"Bria's interlude"
Omarion? Voice sounded crazy good on here, that muffled sound works. Nice, very nice.
This song proves once again this tape is something to vibe to, smoke to, drink to, sex to.
Most quotable line: "I just want to touch you, I'm just so far away"

"The Calm"
The Calm is reminiscent of "Say whats real". It has that dark, spill your guts vibe. Some of these songs are so eery. What he said about his dad? whoa.
Most Quotable line: "Women need attention therefore women will complain, develop hatred for men and say that your the one to blame"

Exquisite. This album is art, it's creative, its beautiful. This song makes me wish I had spent more time with my keyboard, I am fascinated with the piano.

"Brand New"
Wellll ... who HASN'T heard this song, yanno? This is the song that got me interested in Drake. It's hard for me to pass it up in the iPod while it's on shuffle. So many great lines in this song, so many. I love how they tweaked it slightly. Song is so true to life.
Most quotable line: "And i hate hearing stories bout who you've been with that's when I gotta hide what I'm feeling inside so you still think I'm confident."

Overall this album gets a 8.5\10 from me. Yall can disagree all you want. It lost point for all the Weezy, and I wish he would have rapped a bit more. Other then that, I'll chalk this one up as a success. Did yall see how many downloads it has? Crazy.
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TotalRNBeats said...

"Say What's Real" wasn't PRODUCED by West (well, it was... but it wasn't produced for Drizzy). The beat for that song is the beat from "Say You Will" from Ye's album 808's & Heartbreak. SMH at you lol.
Also... "Little Bit" is a REMIX. Lykke Li dropped this song a long time ago, and drake just jumped on a remixed version of the song.

Your write up of the 'tape is a 3/10 in my books, it wasn't a very good review at all. lol

Drea said...

I don't remember when I said that Kanye produced it FOR Drake and I don't remember when i said that Lykke Li did the song WITH Drake.

Reading comprehension is a must.

Manny Faces said...

I have been wandering into this blog more often lately (props to AM and JM whom I see/tweet w/ on occasion on Twitter)...(whom? or who?)(whom cares? lol)

Anyway, I have somehow avoided listening to, or reading reviews about, the new Drake joint..

I'm sure I'll get to it. It will be interesting how aligned my own feelings are with y'alls. (yall's?) (sigh)

Anyway, I liked what I read/saw here.. on more than one occasion now. So I just wanted to say so.

Jacques Morel said...

Thanks my dude!

Drea said...

Wow thanks a lot.

Grammar is overrated btw lol

Fashion Citizen said...

I'm gonna put it on the Ipod and check it out for myself, I'll be back to do a listen along with your review.

Drea said...

Oh absolutely. Let me know how my review and yours stacks up !

Anonymous said...

cudi > you

Finanshall said...

i can't make myself listen to this tape..

i heard Drake before but didn't feel like he was something special, prolly if he was the first dude I heard rappin & singin, not rappin bout guns n shit, I'd have different feelings bout him, but since it was CuDi, CH & London before mostly, and before them Kanye & Wayne, I don't see why this mixtape got some much attention & hype... but that review was dope, thanks. tho I was kinda with the first comment on Lykke Li song, it did sound like you meant to say it was a Drake song he recruited Lykke Li to sing on.

br!t.br!t. said...

wow i just love the video you did, i couldnt stop laughing
and i think your review was completely accurate, i felt the same way about the mixtape
(p.s. what's you feeling on the last track, Congratulations??)

#4 was just horrible to me and i have yet to hear what the end of that track sounds like lol

but overall, you 2 make a really good team together. i'll be sure to check back

Қrysten said...

I share the same sentiments about "Let's Call it off", That is only song that I skipped.

Drea said...

Yeah Krysten, I was thrown off by that song, I forgive him though lol.

and br!t here is the link to the "Congratulations" http://jacquesmorel.blogspot.com/2009/02/new-music-drake-congratulations_17.html

Shawn Phillips said...

good review. i cant say ide give it a 8.5/10 tho, way too much wayne/autotune for me.. i dont mind him singing but i wish he would do it without autotune feel me? im not sure which is played out more, weezy vs. autotune.. good topic for your blog ;) hahaha

anyways, i enjoyed the reveiw, holla back

D.Reese said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
D.Reese said...

Yo, I honestly believe, as far as mixtapes go, it's up there with the Drought 3. It's one of those bodies of work where an artist explores his/her life and it comes out beautifully. Art in music form.

Check my blogspot for My Musician of the Year Award: thesummerofreese.blogspot.com