Music Info: Asher Roth on "Who New"

MySpace Hip Hop Presents: Who New? Asher Roth

Just finished washing the car because it was kind of nice out. Whats my plans for tonight? Drinking. I think that is it?

Here is something I got in the email...sent with this little blurb about it...

Asher talks about being discovered on MySpace, relocating to Atlanta, his single “I Love College” and his forthcoming album Asleep In The Bread Aisle.

One idea I have about this video...is that it will work. Asher Roth can and will be accepted by the mainstream artist. Coming off as a Blink182 almost. He will be thrown in the genre of Punk...rap. His music is about getting drunk, ladies, and hanging around. Nothing to serious.

It will pop.