Music Info: Cam'Ron on cover of XXL

(The Image is distorted as hell because I am on a Mac and I snatched it from Eskay...see the real picture HERE)
I apologize for this. Really...I do. I do not post much celebrity news...nor do I post any celebrity gossip. But, I am a huge fan of Cam'Ron. I know it seems completely off from someone who hates as much as I do, but, I like how entertaining he his. He used to be 10x nicer when he was in C.O.C (Digga actually hit me up on Twitter about that. Shouts to him!), but now this is something that can slide now.

He is clearly featured on the upcoming issue of XXL, which I do not read...at all. He sits down for his first interview in months and I thought that was pretty dope also.

He also has a new song out which can be found at the hop.

I will admit...

It sucks. Can I get a Hoorah for Hippocrasy(sp?)?