New Artist: A'leon of Gutta Fam "Storm is Brewing"

Ok so I've been meaning to post this for the absolute longest, I get sidetracked so much. It's like I'm studying then I get a text, or I'm blogging and then I wind up watching porn on twitter. My life.. smh
Moving right along I have a brand new artist, well brand new to the internet. A'leon has been doing his thing long before this blog was up, but he hasn't been featured anywhere other then MySpace, but you know we've all been "featured" on MySpace.
So show him some internet love yall, he deserves it.

A'leon is apart of Gutta Fam coming out of Flushing Queens, believe me they are a force to be reckoned with. His brother Garcia Vega is a BEAST (he will be featured on this blog soon). There has been a void for Latinos in Hip Hop and I think artists like A'Leon, Garcia Vega, Joell Ortiz, Emilio Rojas are going to fill that void *smiles with excitement*

This song "Storm is brewing" was featured on a Dj Green Lantern mixtape, he has many other songs on his MYSPACE . The song is just dope though. I'm a sucker for a sample, I tell ya. I'm convinced his voice is made for rap.
or listen inside.

Drop comments in the Box and tell me what you think of A'leon