New Mixtape: Charles Hamilton - My Brain is Alive

Damnit Charles. I have not even sat down to listen to your other tape that you dropped three days ago, now you are coming out with another tape. How am I supposed to accurately review your tapes when they are coming out so fast? Jeez.

Hit the hop for the full explanation from Charle's blog...the tracklist and what not.

I live life as governed by my mind and outer body. This may come across condescendingly "holier than thou", but I'm happy to have the balance I have. I could have easily snapped on Che Smith, as well as DeAndre Way. And in my mindstate from yesteryear, I would've. In fact, I did. I just didn't allow it (the anger) to consume me. But I've been taking a lot of crap for my outer body to handle. It's not too much, I just don't want to fully disconnect myself...

In case you didn't get it, BLACK OUT.

So I want to take the time now to show appreciation to all my fans, the family that does support, just started showing support, and always has showed support, my true friends... like, the TRUE friends, type sh1t. All the industry insiders/forecasters that are showing me a lot of love. All the rappers that influenced me to do what I do.

This might not be a big deal to you, but hey... 1000 blog entries? Not deleting one? That's kinda big to me. lol

So what was I gonna air out? The fact remains that I'm still a joke/rumor/myth to a lot of you (StH). Kinda sad, actually. I don't like people feeling left out, especially when they're in my world. Dig?

I'm also aware people think this is all "going to my head". What the f*ck is going from nothing to something supposed to do? Sit on your stomach? You damn right I love life where I'm at. I don't have to go around flossing that I'm Charles Hamilton. I mean, sometimes it's dope to take advantage of your perks. But I'm fair. Feel me? So all the people out there that feel like I'm a star so there are some interactions that I shouldn't take part in, get some f*ckin human in your soul.

Before shows, I like to hang out in the crowd. Not on some celeb sh1t, but on some, give people a pound, hug em, talk to em about music, all that. Part of the problem/solution is that stars are put on pedestals. So when I interact with stars, its awkward. I look at people as regular people, no matter how high up they are or think they are.

Because at the end of the day, I'm Charles Hamilton. And that means more to me than what you can define me to be.

I define me.

And that's kinda the lesson I wanna bring. I want people to see that you don't have to ACT like you're on top of the world in order to feel like it. Someone said to me in LA if I wanna be taken serious by the big dogs, I gotta look the part. Well, if the big dogs know who I am without me looking like I'm a big dog, that makes me a different species now doesn't it?

Now fans. I can understand if right now, in the early stages in my career, I was dressing like Andre on the ATLiens album. I'm not. Jeans, button down, t-shirt, sneakers. Sneakers might be worn, but you'll never see a pair like them. If you do, so what? They're things to put on my feet to keep them warm and cozy while I walk the streets of NYC... and that's how it is now, how it was, and... probably not how it will be, depending on how much of a star the fans allow me to be.

Listen rich folk, whether we wanna admit it or not, people are people. They invest. I once said people buy people. It was a clear statement, but still got misconstrued. Let me RE-clarify. If a person is being a real person with you, you'd buy it (believe it). If a person is being fake, you won't. And since money is a physical, tangible expression (somehow) of respect, people don't show respect to no fake sh1t. That's why people have lost interest in 50, but why 50 will remain popular. Whereas we all know he's not out killing n1ggas (he got money), we are all still entertained by his anecdotes that are written in present tense as if they just happened.

As for the beef with him and Rick Ross, it's hilarious. Rick Ross is calling 50 out for the same thing 50 is calling Ross out for. And there's evidence on BOTH sides of the spectrum that says they're full of sh1t. But the people can buy into the potential of danger/drama the beef brings. So they win. And lose. Because when it's over, there's a laundry list of hungry underground MCs who can't WAIT to make rap punchlines about both of them. I can see it now... "N1ggas is 50 and Ross, straight snitchin to the boys...".

And I respect them both. I just happened to have listened to more 50 in my day than Ross.

And BOTH of their names sound like wrestler names.

Well, since I run this game, I hereby call hip-hop WCHW. "Without Charles Hamilton Wrestling", because none of you rappers are gonna get me tight enough to get in the ring. Because I play to kill. Not battle for the sport. So Mark Williams, do you're thing, I'll do mine, stay out of my way. If you have nothing positive to say without being condescending, then change the subject when my name is mentioned, and do it with respect. I do the same, until someone says you said some dumb sh1t. We have nothing to talk about.

And let me reiterate and echo this notion... I actually care about the mystery lady in "Well Isn't This Awkward". Kinda don't have to say names. And don't want to, because I said all I needed to say in the project.

With all that said, I give you, without any real promotion or hype, "My Brain Is Alive".

I do music for MUSIC... the major label album is coming when God says it's time... and she's not sure what to do on Valentine's Day (the day this was written).

Here you go!

"My Brain Is Alive" tracklisting:

Pleasant Overthinking
High School Reunion/Collide A Scope
Grounded For Life
Ignore Ant
Cali Oriental
Talent Entrance (feat. Show TuFli)
An Angel's Anneurism (Pleasant Overthinking pt. 2)
truth kills opposition (Love TKO)
Every Now and Then
Based On Feeling
Freshman Orientation
Get On The Bandwagon
Today is 2/16. The area code of the city I was born in (Cleveland). I suffered a lot of pain growing up, before I even saw the "Welcome To New York" sign when mom drove me here at age 5. Pain that I'm over, but because of the public criticism and me needing to strengthen up EVEN MORE (to not snap on a n1gga for making light of my life), I'm chilling out. But since NONE OF YOU can say you lived MY childhood, I chose this date to be...

The Rise of Charles Hamilton.

I know. And I know... so you already know...