New Music: Adebisi - "Victory"

Adebisi has had a rocky time on this site. I have had a lot of things on the site that was from him so he hes not new to this. However I will be the first to say that I really enjoyed this song. The beat did not sound as if it was made in FruityLoops and the lyrics were as on point as some of the nicest songs to come out this weekend. Allowing me to understand this, I was able to actually get into a song with an artist that I like as a person, but not so much as an artist.

Something that I was excited to listen too.

It goes hard in the car too.

Its worth it.


Adebisi said...

Hey if nigas won't coment on this I will> THIS SHIT IS HOTT!

Drea said...

nobody comments anything lol

Reason said...


"I'm a sure shot like Plaxico Burress..."