New Music: Asher Roth - Song Cry Freestyle X Interview

This is an OK interview. It just fit and I did not feel like finding a picture.

Really...do not leave your Twitter open when your drunk/high friends are hanging around next to it. It never turns out well. Regardless, today I have no class and no work, so I should be coming at you live and direct for the next few hours.

Until I head into Queens.

Nevertheless, Asher Roth was chilling in London with Dj Semtex and he spat this meh freestyle. I will say that I do not really think dude can freestyle that nice. It is not his lyrics, it is mostly his flow that turns me off. However, he can make a good song.


I jacked the link from Nah Right just like most of you sorry ass bloggers out there. However I do have some exclusive/emailed stuff in the Gmail that should be pretty dope. So...get them ears wet.