New Music: The Black Sunn - "Day Dreaming X Soul Liberation"

Before I go out into the windy weather to race with Honda's lighter than Paris Hilton, I am going to drop off this new music from Black Sunn from Baltimore. Dude is honestly alright. He is not going to get my cosign or anything (yet) but I will say that I enjoyed the two songs he sent me.

Drea...listen to them and tell me what you think. Besides your brother's boy, we need another artist to cosign...well a couple.

Here is what dude sent me, then you can check the songs underneath.

My name is The Black Sunn, I am a musician from Baltimore that is currently working towards building a solid fan base/buzz and I am interested in learning what must be done to obtain a feature in your blog.

Well that uneventful.

DOWNLOAD HERE (Daydreaming)

DOWNLOAD HERE (Soul Liberation)

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1 Comment:

The Black Sunn said...

lol ey man I just keep it 100 to the people I get at..just wanna be heard..

- The Black Sunn