New Music: Cam'ron "Ohio "

Shouts to 2db.
So it's no secret I do not like Cam'ron. But to be honest *sigh* (i hate to admit this) Cam is growing on me.

Maybe it's because I just hated the whole dipset thing and every 13 year old girl with Juelz Santana shirts and screen names like "JuelZWifey" smh.
Anyway onto the song, "look like a gyro"??!? made me wild hungry. This still has the random off the wall yet simplistic flow that Cam is famous for.
*dead* at him shouting our Milwaukee and Wisconsin.

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Big Mike said...

"Westside is crazy, K-Town is Contra. They'll dearly depart cha, in front of MacArthur's" lol I was just at MacArthur's (Madison and Long) the other day. Their homemade Mac and Cheese and dressing is off the chain! I love when people shout out my hood. I'ma send that round trip ticket to you Drea. Come see how I live baby!