New Music: Charles Hamilton - "Neverland"

Charles. I know you read this blog so heed my words. Throw me. On. Your. Blast. List. Thanks! Anyway, I did not see this on Looseneck yet so a little Red Flag up there. For all those who do not know, Looseneck is Charles #1 Fan!

Love you girl.

New Charles Hamilton of his new tape Well Isn't This Awkward...which is dropping tomorrow Here is my review of the song itself. Listening to the song at first made me shake due to the heavy drop of the beat. My headphones are too loud. I lowered the headphones and then continued to delve into this song.

First thing that stood out to me was how nice this beat was. Charles' production, in my opinion, is nicer than his rapping sometimes. He manages to outshine himself on his old track...that is dope.

Continuing this idea, the Chipmunk thing was dead until Charles made it work. DipSet put it to rest, Charles had a rememberance service for it. It works here.

Hamilton's lyrics are equated nicely keeping true to the subject. Now this is not something I would listen to on a regular basis. I will say that, however, it is something that I can surely rock with for the time being. It was dope.

Download it here.