New Music: Charles Hamilton - "Pleasant Overthinking"

New Charles Hamilton is always welcomed on my blog. Shouts to Chaz C for shooting me this on the email immediately. However, I think it is from OnSmash...so I will give them credit. Full download and review at the jump.

Charles is an avid reader of this blog...so I always treat him to my completely unbiased reviews of his music. First thing that struck out to me after listening to this song about twice...is cut the singing out! I did not like the voice on the chorus, however, it was not a bad chorus.

His flow is even more laidback here and it fits with an extremely dope beat. Although I was not invited! not able to attend the video shoot yesterday, I wanted to tell him that his production surpasses his rhymes in my opinion.

He should produce more for other people. It would be pretty dope.