New Music: The Five One ft Andre 3000 "Love in war remix"

Woke up with the plague.
Everything hurts, yet I am still blogging.
Dedication my friends, dedication.

In any case found this on gowherehiphop.
I haven't even heard of The Five One, but I'm not hating him.
The song is called "Love in war remix"

download and review inside lovers.

download here

"What the hell are you living for?"

Haha good freakin question.

I have such a headache but I didn't mind listening to this song twice one bit.
Andre 3000 is THE MAN.
Everytime I write "Andre" i wind up writing "Andrea" haha

It's worth the download.

Kind of has that 60's "Make love not war" protesting and picketing type feel
but without the hippies and drugs and random sex with strangers

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Finanshall said...

someone turn off the snooze machine

my version is better LOL, too bad somebody else figured there was a spot on that joint to rap on