New Music: Harlems Cash Feat The Kid Daytona - "Goverment Remix"

Harlems Cash is over on Twitter saying that he promises he will not disappoint me with this song in anyway. I will be honest and say...he did the moment I heard Santogold on the beat.

Damn I dislike that girl. Let me just say before we get started, I do not hate HER. I have never met HER. I dislike her music though. Bah. Next right? Good.

Now the song itself is 63%beat (although at time it sounds like it was made on FruityLoops) and 37% lyrics. The main gripe I had with this song was the fact that the "Go Hard" thing is done. Dead. Finished. That was SO January + December. Bringing it back just makes me not want to download the thing.

But, Harlems Cash killed it. I like his voice. Aand if you read my blog you know how important I think that is.