New Music: J.Period Feat Consequence & Kid Cudi - "Bugging Out"

*Jeez who ever photoshopped this cover needs to be shot*
I am about to head into Queens to link up with my Math homework connect and get a haircut at the same barbershop I met Consequence at. Dope eh? And to meet up with Drea who is going on break in about...5 minutes. So I have to hurry. Moving on, this is a song that I found over at NahRight. I saw Consequence Grimaced at Cudi and o.0 at J.Period.

Must be dope right?

It is. Cudi spits a nice verse too...

. Too lazy to review it. If I get my computer back, 6th Sense review going up tonight!

Did I mention it is a Tribute song to Q-Tip too? Ahhh!