New Music: K Sparks Feat Tina Quallo - "Ghetto Child"

Morning people. This is a track that K Sparks shot over to me...and it makes for the 10th Monday I have posted his stuff without fail. The song is about the ghetto and what-not. Although I think it is a subject that has been tried, true, abused, and used, well...lets listen.

"For this song I linked up with my label mate Tina Quallo and Jazz sax player Bea Bell...on this record we talked about our experiences within the hood from a ghetto child perspective...Tina's talented and has a lot of dope records on the way...Cartel did the beat...real laid back jazz vibe...I'll check ya'll next week."

I will be honest...songs on the Ghetto I think are completely overdone and over used. Now, this is something that might sound insensitive...but I lived in the "ghetto" for 5 years until we moved up out of there to the 'burbs.

Keeping this in mind, I say that most of the time I pass on these tracks. However, listening to this, one thing stuck in my mind. This girl has a nice voice.

I do not know who Tina Quallo is, but I will say that her voice is something that is pretty nice.

The song itself is pretty laidback and nothing too special. Check it out.