New Music: K Sparks - "Tattoo"

I JUST Stole my brothers dope headphones. Now I have this surround sound thing going on and I cannot hear my dog bitching for food. Happy? Yes I am. Now, I will continue to drop this song sent to me by the man K Sparks. K Sparks has been on this website every week for the past 10 weeks.

So you people know who this man is. Anyway, listening to this song it talks about being black as it being a Tattoo. That is actually pretty dope. I have never heard it referred to like that. Because if you think about it, Tattoo's are job killers...read K Sparks' explanation.

"This is week 26 of Manic Mondays which means we have reached the 6 month mark...6 more months to go...I will continue to provide you guys with quality original music weekly...Below are two links...one is to download the song...and the other is for a video blog I did to go along with the song explaining the concept...If you guys haven't noticed by now there is a method to my madness...I try to provide balance within my music...one week I'll throw out something commercial and the next week I try to provide some substance...balance...this song is entitled Tattoo which is a metaphor for race...racial profiling, injustice, material wealth, self hatred, and violence are just a few problems that often are influenced by ones race...the song is deep and addresses a lot of issues that we all face in society...shout out to T-Mos on the production...much respect to EVERY website that supports my movement...ya'll know my motto...Saving Hip Hop One Wack Rapper at a Time"


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