New Music: Lee Bueller - "Glory" Prod BY Exile

I am still on my Westcoast nonsense this morning. I mean, I know that Lee is not from LA, but Exile is. Which means that I am still on this run right now. Since I cannot listen to the song, I will go by what I received in the email (my email is going CRAZY right now.)

Jacques, you have to check out this dude Lee Bueller. I know you do knot know who duke is, but you have to take a chance and just listen...dude is nice. His tape drops Feb 14th I think? Check it out.

Sadly enough...I cannot listen to it. Regardless...if he said that it is dope music..then it probably is not. O well.

Let me ask Emilio Rojas about this or something. That was a terrible hint.

Download it here.