New Music: Mickey Factz - "Sensibility"

The Psuedo-Rap/Pseudo-Techno/Psuedo-Pop thing is awkward. I say awkward because it is a win or lose thing. Something that Theophilus London practices and most of GFC, it is something that can easily fail. I say this because it is not really rap in the known sense of the word.

It is a little more poppy than usual and not something that can fill a certain taste.

I feel like Mickey is teetering on the edge of this. While Theophilus would be the extreme, Mickey is the calm moderate. Mickey, from "Rapio 2 pt oh!" to "Say You Will" to this... If it does not catch on...then I do not know what is going to happen with it.

Maybe that is why he does not have a deal yet.

Shouts to Lorraine S for emailing me this.