New Music: Mims Ft. Rockstar - "Move If You Wanna RMX"

I could not find a picture of Rockstar with out his website tag...so let this picture of Drea suffice.

I really wanted something to be mean to this morning. It has been a dope morning so far, and I need something to trash. Right? Well it happened. I literally just recieved an email with the subject line, "Move If You Wanna Rmx" which is fitting; I was feeling that song way to much back when it dropped.

So I gave this a listen.

I laughed. I almost laughed. Now I am not going to TRASH it, but the verse is almost too bad. I do not know who Rockstar is, I will probably meet him in the future, but please.


Put more work into these verses.


if you dare...

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