New Music: Tona Feat Skyzoo - "U Know It "

I am sitting here watching Sportscenter right now...confused about what happened last night. When I say confused...its more of a...why did that happen last night? I still have not found out to that kid, because when I left he was absolutely gone.


Then those girls, wow. Ok, check this. Those girls were bugging at us because a friend of theirs passed away due to alcohol poisoning and apparently we were not taking care of our friend. The funny thing is, we were helping him throw up outside and keeping him sane.

How is that not helping? One of them started screaming in my face...and I told her to get the fuck out otherwise I was gonna dump my beer on them.

It was dumb.

Regardless, I got this DOPE song from Melanie, (Tona's PR), in my email. Checking it out...it must be insane. Skyzoo rips it up too.