New Music: Willy Dope FEAT Trav Dave - NYCO

WillyDope is a cool guy. (Just so you know, my computer is on the fritz right now, but I will get your write-up up!). Knows how to get his music out there. He hit me up on Twitter and I told him I'd post it. I do not like to lie.

I will say, I am not a fan of the song.

I will honestly say though I have not listened to his music. I know Drea has and she is not a fan neither which did not influence my decision at all. Coming into the song, I noticed how dope the beat was. Listening to the artists spitting on it just made me realize that they were not hype enough to spit on a beat like this.

Not only that, it sounded like cliche NY "party" rap.

"Your girl wants me...blah blah blah".

(that is not an actual quote).

Stuff like that I cannot vibe too.

Download it here
. Tell me what you think!

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WillyDope said...

Appreciate the honesty, trust though way more complex artist than what the surface shows, this was just us having fun. i would post another "different" type of song here but it's you blog i wont intrude hahah, but i will say check out THe Hold Up mixtape, something for everyone on there