New Music: World Class Wrecking Crew - "5 Rings"

Want to know something funny? Someone was arguing with me saying that Colby O'Donis was not a tanned up gay kid.

I then smacked them with the verbal hammer.

But this was all before I gave up that nonsense for Lent. If you did not know I am a devout Catholic. Boom.

Anyway, Cion went over and sent me this new WCWC song "5 Rings" which should undoubtedly be dope (I did not listen to it yet...sue me!)

In other news they have completely finished a full length album which should be dropping to a JacquesMorel.com blog near you. Am I excited? Just a little.

Finally! I wanted a good picture of them...so I basically upped the one you see there. Dope eh? Get him self a wife on the site.

Hit the jump for the full email!

Thursday we have a show in NY:
Black Dragon / DXA / Emilio Rojas / Don Cerino / Crimson / CP/ Brokn.Englsh
Thursday, Feb 26 8:30p
at Sullivan Hall, New York, NY

Ok... we're going on @ 9 sharp, so if you wanna catch us wreck shop we NEED you there on time... It's gonna be a great show overall so come through and support.

ALSO (dun dun dun....)
We're...how many?... 23 days late on email blasting the 2nd installment of the World Class Wrecking Crew's (WCWC for future reference) Monthly posse cut *sorry folks*. So we've included the Feb. installment titled 5 rings...Check it out and let us know what you think. If you missed any of the one's prior (i.e.the one prior) you can always check 2dopeboyz.com the first Monday of every month for the new track. We've got A LOT of surprises for you in the coming months w/ these WCWC joints... hope yall like em'...

Ok... Next order of business guys...We've hired Sally Struthers
And that old guy... from those other commercials to run our charity... The Drawing Board Foundation. This foundation is dedicated to putting out Brokn.Englsh's new album. All it takes is $2000 to save these starving artists' project. Maybe even as little as a $1 from you can get these guys music to reach the masses. With this donation you will receive photos of said artists as well as weekly updates on how they're doing. Enclosed is an introductory pic of one of the B.E. members (Cion Burris i.e. the guy writing this).

Ok, but seriously folks....Brokn.Englsh has finished recording out first official full length album... it's in the process of being mixed and spiffed up for all you guys. The album is called THE DRAWING BOARD prod. entirely by DefDom. Can't wait to get this out for all to hear...

Ok folks, instead of me talking up all of your time and since it's 3:17am (which might account for mistakes that i might have made) i shall bid all of you adieu! Peace...