New Video: IllDoctrine - "Monkeys and Trolls"

I was sitting here thinking about this last night.

The biggest thing about it, was how NO ONE at the New York Post thought that this was racist. You and I know African Americans work There...so...how can you tell me that no one thought of this? No one thought to say...hey..that is kind of racist.


But he is right. Do not boycott the post. Why? Because they will not stop. Rupert Murdoch has WAY to much money to allow that.

Whose Rupert Murdoch?

If you do not know...google his ass now.

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br!t.br!t. said...

you know after it was all over the news, i ran out and actually bought the paper ( i usually stick with the dailynews ) but i thought the same thing. the fact that they allowed the cartoon to be printed is beyond me... someone had to have mention it lyke come on, its not hard to see the racism in it