New Video: Kanye West Feat Kid Cudi - "Welcome to Heartbreak"

This is the video for what I personally thought was the best song on 808's & Heartbreak. The video itself is sort of like an Acid trip.


If you are stoned, do not watch this video.

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Shouts to Shake for the video.

The video was alright. I felt as if I was on acid watching it though.

Kid Cudi is a little too pompous for myliking. After reading the issue he had with the Freshman;s cover and now with the problems he had over the Reebok event…going to the extent to trash the shoe of the people that were PAYING him to perform…it only leads me to not even BELEIVE what he said in his own personal statement.

Cudi is a product of Kanye’s ego without Kanye’s ghostwriters AND artistic talent.

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humble_one said...

I love this video...but it seems like Kanye is coming out with a video every two weeks...has he ever heard of oversaturation!?!? I'm still a fan though!