New Video: Kid Cudi - "Day N Nite"

Ok. People already clearly know my dislike for Kid Cudi. However, I want to be honest and say that I like this video. I looked at the video with the hate in my blood of over 1k hating black people. I tried desperately to trash it. I tried hard to not laugh.

But I did. I laughed...and I was into this song.

But...I will say that this damn song is OLD. As in, it came out 10 months ago. Someone send me bad rap. I need to hate on something.
Shouts to OnSmash!


Knowledge of The Union said...

ehh I'm not feelin it. The video is kinda cool cuz it's so lo-fi, but the song ain't grabbin me at all

Mary said...

I don't like dude either....

...whatever floats ya boat and finds ya lost remote, though

Mary said...

...however, the video does make perfect sense to me.