New Video: Pacific Division - "The Mayor"

Pac Div - "Mayor" @ the Key Club Los Angeles from gregthedude on Vimeo.

Currently I am watching a delayed version of the Detroit-Cavs game which is moving along nicely. I just got back from the Kidz In The Hall Video shoot. It was pretty dope although I do not listen to much of their music. I enjoyed the oppurtunity. Met a few people here and there .

Anyway, I get back to check my email and I see something from my Cali connect (who shall remain nameless haha!) rambling about this Pacific Division video. Normally I do not listen to them (it does not mean I am not a fan) so I will say I was a little off about posting it.

Than I realized that I was a retard if I did not posted it.

So I posted it.

All was well.