New Video: Sav Killz "Restless"

Shouts to Ronin for the e-mail.
Here is a homemade video from the Sav Killz. Not everyone has the budget for big videos yet yanno? Make due with what you have, I respect that. The song is real though, i like. He kinda reminds me of a Donny Goines flow,mmmmm sounds like real New York.


J-Ronin said...

Good looking Jacques. We do have higher budget videos out there as well. Check out Champion Rap with Planet Asia.

You know it's Sav Killz right? lol

He don't sound like Donny on this track its more of a Kool G Rap influence which influenced Big Pun, Donny, Biggie and a whole bunch of others. KGR is the man!!!

Drea said...

I posted that, not Jacques.

J-Ronin said...

Oh yeah good looks. The song is called "Restless Nights"

Now go listen to some Kool G Rap!!! lol

Drea said...

Lol my gooodness, i just messed up the whole damn thing huh lol no more blogging in a rush !

J-Ronin said...

haha its all good girl. Take an extra min is all.

I missed spelled Nights in the youtube link myself!!! lol. I had to fix it

I appreciate the support either which way