Stumbled on: Hip Hop Round Table pt 4

Shouts to nahright.

I posted the first video out of this series and havent watched another one since. I decided to post this one because it is about the new artists which I am interested in hearing about, not just everyone complaining about hip hop.

Among the artists named is Cory Gunz, Charles Hamilton, Mickey Factz.

The best quote out of the whole discussion is "The older niggas gotta stop hatin on this shit though"


more inside

What dude said was very very very true. The older artists are HATING like crazy on the younger up and comming artists. If the older generation doesn't nurture the new artists and put them on to what went on when they were growing up this will be no progress, just tension.

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A-General said...

i somewhat agree with what dude in there was sayin. i do think older niggaz need to stop hatin. i myself am 19 yrs old so i feel where he's coming from. but i grew up listening to old school hip hop and hip hop n the 90s and truthfully never really connected with the hip-hop of today. i rap n when you listen to my music (hint, hint) you can kind of tell that. i truly can't stand soulja boy tho. he is the epitome of destruction of hip hop. he, in my opinion, single handedly brought about its demise. matter of fact, the record execs, A&R's and such are also to blame because there the ones signing these people and given them opportunities to put out the most retarded music i've ever heard.