Stumbled On: Kanye West Big Boy Interview

Kanye visits Big Boy's Neighborhood (Talks about Chris Brown,Rihanna,and Gay rumors) from qdeezy on Vimeo.
I remember an MTV interview with Kanye a long time ago and he said not to outcast the gay people in the community and everyone jumped on him for it. The gay community will never be 100% embraced in the hip hop community, period. However you feel about that is your business, but it's the truth.

As for as the Rhi Rhi-Cbreezy situation, I'm over it, seriously.


The Noelife said...

yea .. the media puts him in a bad spot because he has been embraced by the fashion world so to lash out on gays would mess with his money and we all know how important money is in this RECESSION! lol not thats its doing anything to him !

Drea said...

Sure isnt, he made 42 mil in '08.. doesnt matter what anyone says about Ye, he's sitting pretty lol