Stumbled on: "Tia's Diary-Deeper then rap"

What the fuck.

I am in awe right now, like is this how far we are going now?

more inside

More Information at the hop!

What self respecting woman does something like this?

She just made Karrine Steffans look like Mother Theresa.

50 gave her a fur and probably some dick money and a year supply of vitamin water *peep her drinkin it at the end of her segment*and she's eating out his hand. SMH

It's one thing to air out your man to your girlfriends over a glass of wine or a bottle of henny. But to the entire world, with the man that is trying to destroy his career????

No dice.

what the fuckkkk

I hope 50 can pay for homegirls protection... someone is gonna hurt that woman.

50 really went above and beyond though talking about his mother like that, no respect.

But for real, I think Rick Ross is finished, not that he had the hottest career out, but no diss record, youtube video or blog could undue the damage 50 just did.

na na na na na na na na hey hey hey ....