When You Hit: Stacy Dash

This is my Second "When You Hit"
For those who didn't quite understand the first time, I'll break it down again.

Jacques and I have a section "Would You Hit?" where we bring you a lovely lady and pose the simple question, would you hit?

So this is the section one step beyond that. When you actually hit, I recommend the song to play.

Simple enough right?

Find out what song to play when you hit a girl like Ms. Stacy Dash

download here

You play Tank "Slowly".

Trust me

This is one of my favorite songs and for good reason.

Now a girl like Stacy Dash is obviously GORGEOUS.
Her eyes are beautiful and her body is perfect, skin tone works for her.

You wanna fall in love with Stacy Dash.
(Jacques does)

You do not come half-steppin with a girl like Stacy Dash, you put your all into it.
Stop acting so hard and romance a chick !!

This song is so perfect for when you finally do it (because she is not giving it up right away, everything will have to be taken.. "slowly") Patience my brother.

It has this great "Scream as loud as you want, bite me, dig your nails into my back and moan in my ear" kind of vibe.

That's the kind of sex you want with someone like Stacy Dash.

Take time to stare into her eyes, caress her body all that good stuff.

and if you've seen the
video for the song you'll see what I'm talking about

You see what I'm saying?

Enjoy your sexy time fellas, thank me later.

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N. Wan said...

Stacey Dash is #2 on the all time list, she's 40+ and oh so sexy...