A Word From The Desk: The full information on future videos

I never dress up. Bare with me here.
As you all know, Drea and I introduced a new segment to the site called JacquesMorel.com listens... It features Drea and I critiquing various mixtapes, artists, and songs without you people hearing our voices. I sound like a child, and Drea sounds as good as she looks...we are trying to keep your keyboards clean of ...ejaculate. Shout outs to Chris Truth, HustleGrl, Sermons Domain and anyone else who posted it!

If you have not watched it, click HERE.

Also, we have upped the amount of exclusives on the site added with an increase in posts. Things have become more personal and more orientated to the reader...you guys are very important to us. Be sure to comment everytime and to interject when ever you feel you need too.

Finally, I just want to say that Kid Cudi is overrated, White people will love Asher Roth, and Charles Hamilton's production is outstanding.

This is the year of the small blog...believe me.

See you guys tomorrow....or in a few or however long it takes me to get new music.


Ed said...

You guys rock. =)

infamouszlegend said...

the asher roth && charles hamilton comments r on point haha, havent listened to kid cudi so i give him a pass