A Word From The Desk: Is The Internet the New Streets?

I was turned on to a post from XXLMag.com discussing the new avenue of promotion for rappers today. The idea explicated in the piece discussed the prevalent idea that the Internet is the new "streets". While calling back memories from rappers such as Fabolous amongst others, it explained that rap has changed to the point where the Internet is the new way to break into the "game". However, it brought up the interesting point that the Internet fame could not translate into sales. It heralded to one known "Internet rapper" that made it big; Soulja Boy who went platinum not to long ago. Although he was "KiNg Of Da InTerNets" for sometime, his video was being regularly spun on the various television networks that we, as urban people watch.

The idea of this piece that I am writing is to say that the way artists make money today has changed.  Mickey Factz might never go platinum.  However, if we look in retrospect...how much emphasis is really put on an artist going platinum anymore? As we continue listening to rap being put out, less references to the feat of selling "A Millie" are being spoken over these EQ'd up hundred thousand dollar beats. Instead of focusing on selling albums...the new slew of artists have focused on endorsements from companies. Wale and Nike...Mickey Factz and Supras...Charles Hamilton and Skull headphones.

I could be wrong but...why would any of these artists wait to release an LP? They were just on the cover of one of Hip Hop's top magazines. They should have the drive to sell "A Millie"...right?


Many of the freshman have yet to capture mainstream success...Kid Cudi will likely never reach the popularity of his song "Day N Nite" (which only became popular when Jim Jones spat over it). Realistically being the "KiNg Of Da InTerNets"  does not translate into album sales, no, probably just a sale of headphones.
 Read the full XXL article here.

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LMAO! Funny, but true post.