A Word From The Desk: Today Was A Good Day

Today, at 2PM EST, was a good day. I managed to get a ton of quality posts out and to make a few connections on Twitter, Email, and Facebook that made today a great day. A few tapes dropped yesterday and today that each hold acclaim in the Undergound Internet Rap Music Genre.

Charles Hamiltons tape, Well Isn't This Awkard, came out last night and is a themed mixtape talking about a homeless man's upcoming. While staying true to the title, he has songs talking about how he managed to get the women he loved.

Drake's, So Far Gone, dropped today. With the anticipation at an all time high, Drake has managed to capture the ears of over 8k people so far(he has that many downloads). That is dope.

With that being said, I want to say something clear. 2009 is truly Drake's year. Drake has enough flair and mainstream appeal to make it to the radios of White America. Already known amongst the teenie boppers from his appearances in Degrassi, he can easily snatch up sales from this idea. He is not a gangsta rapper, nor is he a pop rapper. He just...raps.

One person I think will blow up in the coming months is Emilio Rojas and Esso. These dudes are friends of mine nevertheless I still believe in their ability to rise through the charts. With Esso proclaiming this year as E009 and Emilio on the verge of Internet stardom, it makes us understand that, we should hop on the bandwagon now.

Today was a good day. Remember that.

That is a word from the desk. See you tomorrow!