Drea's Def Poetry Monday's- Perre Shelton "Dandelion"

My goodness, I feel like I just wrote last week's Def Poetry post.

With these Def Poetry posts yall can get a glimpse into my head on a non music related tip. This week I chose this poem because I miss my mother. When I initially went into Youtube.com looking for def poetry I went in search for this poem, I remembered hearing it and falling in love with it when the show aired on tv (before Russell yanked it!) . Of course along the way I found other poems but when I came across this one again I was so happy. I know we clown a lot on this blog but I know I have the ability to be serious. If you take a moment to listen to this poem you might take something from it, afterall "yo mama" is everyone's weak spot.

"But my mother always grow back to soak sun and hold it in her cheeks"

"A flower as beautiful as her does not belong in a rose bush"