Drea's Def Poetry Monday's: Rives "Def Poetry Jam"

So it's that time again yall.

I've been in an inspiration dry spell, it is so frustrating. But Rives always puts a thought in my head. He is such a talented poet and his poems are so effortless, something that all writers should take into consideration when they want to lay down their thoughts.

Some of the best poems I've ever heard involved the deaf (I'll post my favorite one in a couple weeks). This poem has so many elements. It's humorous, simple, imaginative, thought provoking. The part about them wanting to know the words to hip hop music put a smile on my face and a fear in my heart. Can you imagine never being able to hear music?!>> *breaks out in coldsweat*

"Can you hear me now?"


Havi Blaze said...

aye is Drea the lights skinned girl in some of the video's on this site??

Drea said...

yes that is me.
I am the co-writer for this site.
I write in purple.

Big Mike said...

So she likes poems? I got one for you Drea:

Roses are red, violets are blue, I fell in love first sight of you!

haha, super corny!lmao

but for real:

I just wanna cook for you while we dance in the kitchen, givin' Dead Prez "Mind Sex" a good listen. Candle-lite dinner with a little bit of wine, or we could just keep it hood, some Remy a do us fine. We could go for a ride, let our souls intertwine, pass a dub of purp, groovin' to "Stingy" by Genuine. Then we could catch a movie just to share a new experience, "Damn, Madea in the crib grabbed the gat and went furious!". Then back to the pad, massage all your stress away. Calfs, thighs, waist, shoulders, neck, "I'll make you melt today". Then you can return the favor as you climb on top. My toungue explores your body...X-rated, I have to stop. lol

Got your attention didn't I?