Drea's Def Poetry Mondays: Tamara Blue "Thick Chicks"

Ok so I know that it isn't Monday. Shout out to Haze from NikeTalk who reminded me that I slipped and didn't post def poetry yesterday. Speaking of Nike Talk, I had an entire thread devoted to little ole me. 8 pages of me being internet raped from people telling me they wanted to "Bash my cervix in" to people saying I was "fat and ugly" and everything in between. Attention is attention I suppose.
If I had a dollar for every time I was called thick I could pay off my tuition and move to Barbados, so you can understand I feel where Tamara Blue is coming from. Granted, I am not a size 14 nor do I weigh over 150 lbs (or anywhere near that) but it's hard for a woman to be comfortable with her body, especially the thick ones. So being called thick is a compliment to me now.
"Like fuck it, just love it"